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Merit Next

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Our year long leadership program focused on tackling global issues
Merit Next Overview

July 2014

We start with a BANG. Literally. A huge festival featuring Woodkid and other amazing headline acts, TEDx talks, interactive workshops and a hackathon. We will focus on building a team, and identify personal goals and life plans... Amongst other really cool things!

August 2014

Our next stop is London. Here, we will work with experts in gender equality and environmental sustainability to establish a sound understanding for the global action project. We will also learn from some awesome business leaders, an experience you won't forget!

2 weeks

We will help you to secure an Internship in your home country with a leading global business. The duration of this will be a minimum of two weeks and depend on your personal commitments. We have some great companies lines up, but we can’t give away all our secrets can we?

Online Mentoring
11 Months

The next 11 months will be spent in your home country. We have a great online mentoring program in place facilitated by some really cool leaders! During these months you will focus both on your life plan and collaborate accross boarders with your team on the global action project.

Washington D.C
July 2015

Can you think of a better place to deliver your global action plan than Washington D.C? We will meet with some of the world's most important diplomats, deal makers and public advocates such as our patron, Jack Healey who was Director of Amnesty International for 12 years.

New York City
August 2015

In the final week we gather in dynamic New York City. We will celebrate the culmination of Merit Next with one BIG weekend filled with new experiences. During the last weekend we will be joined by the 2015-2016 Merit Next Participants, so you can share your experiences!

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Check out some of our members

Check out some of our members

Xiomy Acevedo
Louis Adekola
Andrea Bartoletti
Rita Casimiro
Jessica Cruse
United Kingdom
Robyn Dooley
United Kingdom
Calvin Jodesi
Toby Jordan
New Zealand
Brena Lacerda
Eness Mayondi
Nazreen Mohamad
Pedro Paiva
Ismat Ara Tani
Vinicius Scott
Brazil / United Kingdom
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Czech Republic
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United Kingdom