World Merit Fellowship Program

Developing your talent, to benefit the world

2015 Applications open soon

International Travel

We have some amazing cities that you will visit during Merit Next! We start in the UK for two weeks and then end in the USA.


Our team of experts will mentor you and build your personal and professional life plans, this will happen online and offline.

Global Action Plan

You will collaborate in teams to produce a global action plan focusing on Gender Unity or Environmental Sustainability.

How to apply


Sign up and fill out your profile

2.Start Application

Click "Apply" once you have logged into the World Merit hub

3.Take Action

Plan and deliver a social action within your community

4.Submit application

We will asses your application and let you know if you are successful


Kick off!

World Merit Day

We begin with World Merit Day our 24hour inspiring festival that brings together music from some amazing headline acts, inspirational TEDx talks and some great start-up workshops!

Cracking Codes

You will take part in a 24 Hour hackathon, working with coders, creatives and entrepreneurs from across the UK in a bid to produce an app that promotes social good.

Never Walk Alone

Team building will take place at one of the UK's most successful football clubs. You will learn about the power of teamwork and meet with your teammates for the Global Action Plans.
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London Calling!

Home in the house

You will arrive in the Great Hall at the UK Parliament to participate in the Parliamentary debates. We will prepare you the day before with the assigned issues for the debate.

Developing Business

You will visit KPMG - one of the largest integrated accounting firms in Europe. You will learn how the global economy can affect the development of your business planning.

Mind the Gap!

You will work closely with your Global Action Plan team and visit NGO's who work in the appropriate field. They will give you a great insight into work already undertaken!
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11 Months Home Country

You will collaborate across borders with your team and mentor

Our expert online mentors will work with you to develop your life purpose and plan. you will work with your team to develop a global action plan on either Gender Equality or Environmental Sustainability.

We will help you to secure a great two week internship in your home country. This will give you the chance to demonstrate what you have learned in a professional working environment.


New york City


Rise in Manhattan

Merit Nexters reconvene in New York where the Rise Beyond team, mentors, thought leaders and of course the wider World Merit community will be on hand to help complete Global Action Plans.


For the second year in a row we claim the WMD acronym back from its sinister past. World Merit Day is the day our community shows its drive, talent, and entrepreneurial energy. The 2015 epicentre is New York City!

On Colombus

Some of the worlds greatest media resides in Manhattan, and we will be spending time very near Columbus Circle, named after another adventurer of note. Nexters will feel at home.
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Washington D.C.

White Paper White House


Not all Merit Nexters are aspiring or active entrepreneurs, but all are brimming with entrepreneurial spirit. Still, in Washington DC some with business ideas will have the opportunity to meet and pitch to VC's (Venture Capitalists) of note.

Merit Meridian

We will arrive in Washington DC and spend time polishing the Global Action Plans at the Meridian International Center. Leaders like Ambassador Stuart Holliday will be present to support the team.

White Paper

The finale of Merit Next, the meeting with Senior White House officials to hand over Global Action Plans, and tell stories of progress, innovation, and upcoming change.
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Some helpful info...

What is included?

We cover the cost of your return flight from your home country to the UK and to the USA, accomodation and food for the duration of the leadership course that you spend away from your home country.

Application Deadline

Applications are open until April 15th 2014. You will be contacted by a member of our team if you are shortlisted for the program. You are not guaranteed your place until we secure your sponsorship.

Our Expectations

If you secure a place on Merit Next you will be expected to commit a mimimum of 20 hours per month to the program. If you fail to meet attened online meetings with your mentor or team your place may be withdrawn.